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Making + size pattern

At the end of June, I did a video on my Youtube channel on how to make a custom bodice block video see video, then I start receiving a lot of question about the + size block.

I did work in industry for all category of garment kids to men, bathing suit etc. even + size, but each company usually have their block to start with and make new style. So I never used the bodice recipe to create one.

I did a lot of research on pattern making for + size, and I did not find anything to help, so I decide to find out more about it and experience myself.

To help 2 of my followers, I ask them their measurements and did their blocks. What I notice doing these  blocks is that the modifications are similar, and not difficult at all. For one of them I even used 2 different technics.

#1 I follow the recipe

#2 I grade from a basic size 10 block

Now I’m waiting for them to sew their blocks and send me the pictures to see the result and then I might do an other video to share the little change to do, to get your own custom + size block.

If you have any comment or links, I would appreciate



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