Kids block

cropped-18199188_1910923092461296_1907858677262875647_n.pngFor my next goal, I’m planing to do kids blocks, since I have 2 adorable grand kids, one just turn 1 years old and the other one 3 years old. Here they are!


Since it’s a little hard to take their measurements, I decide to start with a measurement chart. I started with my i years old. What I notice, anyway for them..

  1. I use 1 size up.
  2. I add extra ease, so they could move comfortably, about 2cm all around.
  3. I lower under arm point, so the sleeve could also be confortable, by 1 cm

The first prototype fit, but she look like she was wearing a tailor suit, she could not move.   I had done a back opening and I found that it wasn’t a good idea to check the fit.

For the second prototype, the pink one you see on the picture, with a front opening and the corrections 2 & 3, she did not want to take it off, so I guess the fit was perfect.

My next step, grade it up 2 sizes for my 3 years old. To do so, I’m planing to use my grading rulers, with the smallest grading steps and simply had to the length 1 cm per size so 2 cm total.

Of course, I will share this on my Diane Deziel YOUTUBE channel shortly, because making kids cloth is fun!